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Just Lift

There’s no sport on the planet that develops strength, speed, agility, mobility, and coordination as effectively as Olympic Weightlifting does. As one of the original 43 Olympic sports, Weightlifting has a rich legacy that we invite you to be a part of!

We’re proud to offer the most comprehensive Weightlifting program in Canada. Whether you’re a beginner looking to see where the sport takes you, a recreational lifter who just wants to learn the lifts, or a seasoned veteran looking to reach that next level we’ve got you covered.

Roadmap to the justlift method

Step 1: Mobility

To lift well you have to move well. What is mobility? It’s the active ability to move a joint through a range of motion. No matter your experience level, you can’t control a bar well if your body can’t move correctly. A decade of work with hundreds of athletes has made it clear: if you want to learn to lift without frustration or injury, mobility is necessary. We strongly believe that resolving mobility issues is crucial to realizing your potential.

*Mobility Program coming soon!

Step 2: Justlift - beginner/intermediate/advanced

There are many beginner programs, but this is ours. JustLift is the foundation we wish we had. This 8-week program focuses on building great technique while developing confidence through competency. We start by focusing on learning the lifts through many repetitions to train familiarity and work capacity. We finish by transitioning into classic strength work and end by testing one-rep maxes in key lifts. Whether you’re new to lifting or are coming back from an extended layoff, this program is perfect for building the base needed for the rigors of Weightlifting or Powerlifting.

Step 3: Bridge to Oly (Phase I) - Beginner

Our intro to Olympic Weightlifting. This program breaks down the complexity of the Olympic lifts into basic technique concepts drilled over and over to develop familiarity with key positions in the lifts. Workouts are designed to be lessons, progressing gradually in challenge until we conclude with testing a one-rep max in the lifts. If you’ve never done the Snatch or Clean and Jerk before, have limited experience or just want to make sure your technique is correct, start here.

Step 4: Bridge to Oly (Phase II) - Beginner

Similar to Phase I, this assumes you have established one-rep maxes in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk, but are still new to the sport. Technical development is still the primary goal, but now with an emphasis on power and speed under the bar. If Phase I was just about learning to move, this phase is about learning to move with weight on the bar. We conclude the cycle by setting new one-rep maxes in the lifts.

Step 5: Build-Peak Pendulum - Intermediate

The easy gains are over. This is where it’s less about the program you do, and all about the problem you’re trying to solve.The truth is that there’s no multi-year plan that will work for everyone. The secret to becoming an amazing lifter is doing the right training at the right time. How do you know you’re doing the right things? That’s where we come in. 

Our growing library of programs has specific solutions for training yourself to be the best lifter you can be for years to come. Use our resources to learn the strategies and training needed to break through that plateau and progress continually. We can’t give you success, but we can give you the knowledge and tools you need to achieve it. The JustLift Method is tough. But it works. 

Step 6: Build-Peak Pendulum - High performance (Advanced)

High Performance isn’t just about lifting. It’s about winning.

Our High Performance team is for the Weightlifting athlete that doesn’t just lift, but wants to realize their full potential as a lifter. High Performance represents the competitive arm of the team. Members on our High Performance plan compete (and/or medal) at the provincial, national, and even international levels. High Performance isn’t for everyone, however.

This program is meant for those who:

  • Have years of experience under their belt.
  • Are confident in their technical ability in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk
  • Have a desire to see just how far they can push themselves as an athlete

The High Performance program is designed to unlock your true potential as a lifter. If you have the will to stay the course, you will achieve heights you can only imagine now.