About JustLift

We used to be Ottawa’s premier Olympic Weightlifting club. Like many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic left us with two options: close our doors and allow a near decade of work go to waste… or adapt. We chose the latter. Shutting the doors of the club was both an ending and a new beginning.

Taking what we learned from working with hundreds of athletes, we’ve built JustLift Online to continue to deliver what we know. We can now share the JustLift system, which produced record after record, win after win, with anyone who has the will to work. What makes us different is that, not only do we provide you with word-class programming and coaching advice, we’re committed to teaching you all the ways to be your best.

Our mission is simple:

to prove to everyone that they’re stronger than they believe.

We accomplish this by adhering to three principles:

Performance. Grit. Success.

We accomplish this by adhering to three principles:

Performance. Grit. Success.


Means a scientifically backed, result-driven approach. It means learning safe and correct movement technique. It means doing the right workouts at the right times to produce lasting results. Training for performance is training for excellence. But, to be excellent you need:


Do you have “the will” to withstand “the way?” How often do you see people fail to follow through? We don’t just build strong bodies, but resilient minds. Our training process is structured so that you start with small wins that build to a big victory. When you combine attention to detail, and build an iron will you get:


With the right work and a winning attitude, you’ll be stunned at what you can accomplish. Whether you’re a competitive Weightlifter, a working parent, a former athlete, or just someone who wants to be strong, our coaches are here to take you to that next level.