Build Your Strength Foundation

If you want to get stronger, and prefer working out in a more social atmosphere, Strength 1 is ideal for you! In Strength 1, you’ll work out with people just like you, training together to be the best you can be.

Our members agree that lifting in a small group motivates them to train regularly and push themselves further. Our members in Strength 1 are stronger, fitter, leaner, and more athletic than they’ve ever been before!

Take the guessing out of your strength training!

You’ll learn the major barbell movements: the back/front squat, bench/overhead press, and Deadlift. Our coaches take the guess work out of lifting, using proven programming and training methods.

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JustLift Personal Trainer

Personal training by some of the most qualified coaches in the city.

Led by one of our expert coaches, you’ll never have to worry about what workout to do, how to perform an exercise or what kind of weight should be on the bar.

Our coaching staff are among the most qualified in the city, having taught hundreds of people just how they can both achieve and exceed their goals!

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For 4 Weeks


For 3 Months

I wanted to train with people knowledgeable on the main strength lifts and follow a regimented strength program. I have made significant strength gains in all my lifts, have gotten rid of my chronic lumbar pain, and feel a lot more confident with the mental challenge of getting under the bar for a personal record attempt. I am considering trying the Oly program to learn another strength discipline.
Miguel Iriondo
I was looking to learn the Olympic lifts and how to incorporate them into a program for boxers. I’m stronger, more flexible, and steadier in all lifting positions. I’ve become more confident because I’m enjoying myself athletically again and I look healthier. Just Lift is a great place to train and be coached. The coaches are fantastic people and remarkably thorough – they’re in a class of their own in Ottawa. The athletes are a blast to be around.
Dylan Levac
The atmosphere at Just Lift is welcoming and energetic. Coaches are very knowledgeable and eager to help. My lifts have gone up: 45kg Clean and Jerk, 35kg Snatch, and 45kg back squat. I’ve become a more calm, collected, and driven person. Socially, I’ve made very close friendships and have overcome my stage fright. Just Lift is one of my favorite places on EARTH.
Lewis Orzech
I came to Just Lift because of their reputation for producing high-level athletes. Since joining I’ve improved my competition results and have become a better Olympic weightlifter. Just Lift is the place to be if you want to become a competitive Olympic weightlifter.
Minh Ngo
Just Lift lets me work out in a class setting with fantastic coaches. I have learned more and made more gains during the past year of working out at Just Lift than I have in years of working out on my own and with personal trainers. Fantastic gym with amazing coaches!
Albert Chang
I wanted to learn weightlifting and gain general strength outside of “CrossFit” style workouts. Just Lift was the only gym I could find that offered this in Ottawa. I have definitely gotten stronger, I’ve started to feel good about my body and what it can do, and I love being around other members of my regular classes and coaches. I love it here. I’m excited to keep coming in so I can get stronger and learn weightlifting.
Mona Noor
I’m most interested in improving my raw strength and improving core lifts (deadlift, bench press, squat). I found progress slow when I was training on my own, so I joined Just Lift. They have expert coaches and like-minded members. I’ve improved all of my lifts – I’m just a few pounds shy of 1000 lbs combined for deadlift, squat, and bench press. Great coaches, awesome members, and a supportive environment.
David Walker



Telephone: 613-729-5959

Address: 895 Churchill Ave South, Ottawa, ON K1Z 5H1