Our Trainers And Coaches

Without a doubt, our coaches are among the best available anywhere. They are both exceptionally educated and experienced, capable of the precise handling of your needs. Our coaches are in high demand, delivering dramatically more for the price than any of our competitors! We’ve worked with a diverse range of clients, and have come to be known as problem solvers for many complex training problems. Whether you’re looking for athletic strength and conditioning, building the body of your dreams, or navigating injuries and/or disabilities, we’re ready to work with you!

Our Coaches

Why Personal Training

We feel personal training is most suitable for those with the following needs and/or situations:
  • You have no previous training experience.
  • You’re significantly overweight and/or have been sedentary for a significant period of time.
  • You have specific athletic needs and/or a competitive event to train for.
  • You are highly-motivated and/or require the additional support that a one-on-one experience can provide.

Personal training sessions last between 1 and 2 hours depending on the needs of the client and/or recommendations/availability of the coach. All clients enrolled in personal training go through a comprehensive assessment process to best understand, and address their needs. Additionally, we accept group, semi-private sessions of up to 3 individuals at a discounted rate. Clients can also opt to purchase multi-session packages at a discounted rate as well.

Olympic Weightlifting, Fitness/Weight-Loss, Strength and Conditioning, Strength and Mass Gain
Single Session – $75 per hour
2017 Start-up Package – $675 ( $90+ in savings)
Small Group Rates Available

Personalized Programming

For members in our Oly 2 program, personalized programs are provided. Like our personal training options, the process begins with a thorough examination of your specific needs and goals. This option is a good in-between for people who prefer to train in a communal environment, but still want an individualized training experience.

Programs are written in month-long blocks, and can be purchased in multi-month packages. While many coaches offer programs upwards of 10-16 weeks, we feel that this is not as effective as a month-to-month approach. The reason being that while a single, four-week training cycle can often solve many problems, it is common to encounter new ones that must be addressed in the following weeks. A 12 or 16 week program does not have that sort of flexibility, and as a result, is often the less effective approach.

Training, and your personal development, is an organic process. We only offer you what we know to be the most effective means to achieving your goals!