JustLift Oly Rx

Are you a CrossFitter that needs help with your Oly technique to take your performance to the next level? Need just a little extra help to finish that WOD as Rx’d? We have a Weightlifting program just for you!

Our new Oly Rx program is designed specifically with the needs of the CrossFit athlete in mind. We have worked with numerous CrossFit athletes, having delivered Weightlifting-specific courses at CrossFit boxes around the region. We understand just how hard you work to constantly beat your WOD scores. We also know that you might not have the time or ability to devote yourself to a full Weightlifting program.

You’ll receive four sessions per month of Oly-specific work with us along with a month-long custom program tailored to your needs that can be done at your box.

This program does assume a basic understanding and ability to perform the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.

We require that all prospective entrants into this program are capable of the following:

SQUAT SNATCH115lbs95lbs
SQUAT CLEAN & JERK145lbs125lbs

Should you be unable to meet these standards we suggest you join our JustLift Level 1 Program!

Don’t let your technique hold you back from your goals! We are Ottawa’s #1 Weightlifting club, having produced numerous medal-winning athletes. Learn to lift from the best in the city!

Special Introductory Pricing

1 Month : $100
3 Months : $275