Are you interested in getting a novel, engaging workout focussed around fluid movement and technique?

Coach Lisa is an international kettlebell athlete with kettlebell, yoga, and nutrition certifications

Lead by Coach Lisa, Kettlebell Boot Camp is program designed to burn fat, build muscle, and boost your metabolism.

Join our intense Kettlebell Bootcamp classes

Set in a class environment, you’ll workout with other people just like you, training together to be the best you can be each workout. Led by Coach Lisa, you’ll never have to worry about what workout to do or how to perform an exercise.

Boot Camp Ottawa
Personal Trainer Kettlebells

Hi all! My name is Lisa Pitel-Killah, and I am a personal trainer at JustLift

I have been lifting with Head Coach Greg for several years. I now have the opportunity to be able to grow and teach something that I truly love – Kettlebells!

I currently train under 5-time World Champion & Kettlebell Sport Coach Sergey Rudnev, and I am Yoga Tune Up Certified and the Ontario Representative for the Canadian Kettlebell Alliance.

I am absolutely ecstatic to be part of the best coaching team in Ottawa and to be able to grow Kettlebell Sport in the National Capital Region and throughout Ontario.



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Address: 895 Churchill Ave South, Ottawa, ON K1Z 5H1