Reminder – Free Orientation Session


Don’t forget to stop by our new location at 1023A Merivale Road in central Ottawa tomorrow, Saturday, September 8, 2012 for a free orientation session. We’ll be there from noon to 2pm. You’ll get a chance to come and chat with the whole team here at JustLift, and give some of our workouts a try. Make sure you bring your workout clothes!


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Free Orientation Session Saturday Sept 8, Noon-2pm



We’ve had a lot of people poking their heads into the new space as they walk by and getting some information, but this Saturday we will be hosting a free orientation session and it will be a chance for you to try out our program offerings firsthand. All of us will be around and you’ll be able to give the olympic lifts a try, swing a kettlebell, and get a run through some of our conditioning workouts. There may even be a heavy tire in the parking lot that you can have a go at!

If your idea of a gym includes ellipticals, convoluted pulley systems and machines, then you really have to check us out first hand to get the full experience of what a true strength and conditioning facility is all about. We have programs for all ages and abilities, and we have the knowledge and tools to help you reach your fitness and performance goals.

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And So It Begins…



In addition to this, we’ve already begun to see some fresh faces pop by our Weightlifting sessions. Of particular note today were two especially enthusiastic kids. They came speeding by our club on their bikes, stopping to excitedly peer in at all the action going down on the platform. A little unsure at first, they perked up immediately when our we welcomed them in and informed them that they could come train with us. It’s been a long road bringing this club to fruition with plenty of frustration and anxious imaging of its possibilities in-between. I have to say, though, that seeing an 11 year old watch your athletes in awe, and then excitedly exclaim that, he too, will one day throw 100kg over his head makes the effort more than worth it.

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Signs Are Up At JustLift. Hey, We Exist!

Today we received the outside signage for our new facility and we spent the better part of the afternoon putting them up. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding us now! We’re very pleased with how they turned out and how they look from the street. Of course, what goes on inside is what really counts. Tomorrow marks the first day that Angelina “The Iron Angel” Armstrong-Mann will be offering her Kettlebell and Yoga classes. We’ve seen a lot of interest from the local Ottawa community about our other program offerings as well. Things are shaping up nicely and the space is really starting to buzz.



Come check us out! If you’re not quite sure what we’re all about, we will be hosting an orientation/open house this Saturday from noon until 2pm. This will be your best chance to get an idea of what we do and talk to us about your fitness goals.

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New Programs Up and Running

Hey folks, the day has arrived and we are ready to open our doors to our new program offerings. We are now officially open for business and it’s time to do some serious training! Check out our updated schedule for all of the programs that will be offered in the new space.

Our core strength and conditioning program makes a return as JustFitTM, and will be offered in the mornings and evenings.

Of course, our Olympic Weightlifting program is well underway, and the competitive club is currently training in morning and evening sessions. Youth Lifters will have an early evening session, and the Junior/Senior program will be held during the later evening.

Overall, we are very proud of how things are shaping up and this is a top notch facility for the Greater Ottawa area.

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Back to School, Back to Work, Back to Training

Is it September already? With one of the warmest and driest summers in recent memory, I’m sure many of us have spent a lot of time outside either on a beach or on a patio, and roadtripping to some fine vacation destinations. I know that’s what I was doing:

I managed to fit in a couple weddings (my own and my new sister-in-law’s) and helping build a new gym into that schedule as well. I’m sure at least some of us also spent a bit of time inside too watching the Olympics!

Well, the kids are back to school, the big kids have packed up and are off to college/university, the days are getting shorter, the nights a bit cooler, and now you have to save up your vacation days for Christmas! Now is the best time to get back into a regular routine and reset your biological clock. A regular exercise and quality nutrition program is much easier to implement when your schedule is bit more predictable.



The good news is, our new facility is now ready for people to come in and train. We should be running at full tilt very shortly. So if you’ve been following us over the summer, now’s your chance to come and poke your head in to the new place and see what we’ve done! We still have some finishing touches to do, but the platforms are built, and the weight is ready to be lifted. We have programs for the whole family: kids, teens, adults, and seniors. All ages, all abilities, all are welcome!

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New Gym Underway

Opening day is coming soon, the new gym is well under way. And we’re excited to be delivering something new and completely unique to the JustLift brand. Below are some early pics of the build we’re leaving you as a teaser.






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Ancestral Health Symposium 2012

This past weekend saw a great gathering of the minds in the world of nutrition and health in Cambridge, MA at Harvard Law School for the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012. Many of the top recognizable names in the primal/paleo/ancestral health circle, such as Gary Taubes (Good Calories, Bad Calories),Robb Wolf (NorCal S&C, The Paleo Solution), Mathieu Lalonde (PhD Harvard, Ottawa native), Mark Sisson (Mark’s Daily Apple, the Primal Blueprint), and John Welbourn (former NFL player, CrossFit FootballEvolve Foods) gave presentations along with other top minds in the medical and nutrition field.


Dr. Boyd Eaton up now. #AHS12…

— Paleo Comfort Foods (@PaleoComfort) August 11, 2012


There was a lot of great discussion over the weekend, and it’s great to see the real food movement picking up momentum. You can catch up on a lot of the by the minute action on twitter (#ahs12).

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JustLift in the Ottawa Citizen

JustLift was recently contacted by Karen Chen (follow@ckaren15) of the Ottawa Citizen. She spoke with Coach/General Manager Greg Chin, and Athlete/Trainer Nancy Kozorezova to chat about their weightlifting experiences, and the buzz around the sport as a result of the Olympics in London.

From the article:

Niche sports get registration bumps thanks to Olympic medal halo

Weightlifting, judo, trampolining: These aren’t sports typically taught in gym class, but they’re the events that have put Canadians on the podium in London.

But in a burst of medal excitement, local judo dojos and weightlifting clubs started receiving calls from Ottawans inspired by Team Canada’s Olympic success within days after athletes picked up a bronze in women’s weightlifting and men’s judo.

Read more:

This article was also featured in Saturday’s print edition of the Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa’s largest daily newspaper.

It’s great to get some press and interest in the sport of weightlifting. Our goal though, is to take weightlifting from a niche sport and into the mainstream. It’s something that can be done year round, not just a couple weeks every 4 years!

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Where’s the Smurf? Watching Ilya Ilyin dominate the Men’s 94kg!

A few members of JustLift in Ottawa had a little get together after some Saturday morning heavy training. Streaming the Men’s 94kg weightlifting session, we all got a chance to see Kazakhstan’s Ilya Ilin dominate the weight class with a world record performance. Ilyin finished with a 418 total, a full 9 kilos ahead of 2nd place finisher Alexandr Ivanov of Russia. The best part was that none of Ilyin’s lifts actually looked hard for him…

If you’ve been following the Canadian Olympic Weightlifting Team in London, you’ll have probably seen a few pictures of the team mascot, weightlifting smurf “Oumpf”. He’s becoming quite a celebrity, catching poses with Canada’s weightlifters and other top athletes. Well, we got a picture to show off some of Oumpf’s teammates back here in Canada cheering on the athletes in London.



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