Summer Membership Deals!

We’re excited to announce that we’re rolling some new membership deals out!

We are now offering 3-Month Membership Packages!
3-Sessions Per-Week = $330
Unlimited Sessions = $440

For those with a current membership, were sweetening the deal even more by offering you an additional 5% off if you make the switch at the end of your current membership! But, that’s not all…

We’re cutting students who want to spend their summer training hard a break! Available until the end of June, with a valid student ID, students can enjoy an even deeper discount!
3-Sessions Per Week = $300
Unlimited Sessions = $400

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JustLift Medal Haul at Winterlift 2014


Winterlift 2014 has come and gone. This past weekend saw JustLift’s best performance to date. As a team, we took home eight medals (4 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze) from a combined effort of nine lifters.

The day began with the lighter women’s session (the 48, 53, and 58kg classes). Athletes Heather Amundrud, Esther Dalle, and Val Hoang competed as 53kg lifters. As with their last performance, they completely dominated their division, with the only real competition being amongst themselves. Esther took home gold with a total of 141, while Heather and Val set personal records in their competition totals with 130kg and 126kg respectively. Heather’s victory was particularly meaningful as, after months of hard training, she achieved the marker required to qualify for the National Championships to be held in May this year.

In the second women’s session, athletes Sarah McGregor (63kg) and Melissa Tilley (75+kg) kept the team’s momentum going. Sarah would go 52/67, earning a bronze medal for herself. Despite not quite making what she would have liked in the Snatch, Sarah would press on with determination, making all of her Clean and Jerk attempts, while also obtaining a new personal record in the Clean and Jerk. Melissa would prove just how tough she truly is. Getting off to a shaky start by missing her first Snatch attempt, Melissa quickly recomposed herself, easily redoing her first attempt of 58kg, and finishing strong with 61kg . In the Clean and Jerk Melissa would really shine, coming back from a questionable call on her second attempt of 69kg, by performing an even stronger attempt with 72kg.

The men’s sessions began with JustLift coach and athlete Ian Haya. Ian took his weightclass (62kg) with ease, Snatching 96, and Clean and Jerking 121, while making all six of his attempts. In doing so, Ian set two new provincial records in the Clean and Jerk, and the Total, proving once more why he is the provincial champion.

In the next session, Brett Lewandowsky won a hard fought battle with two other competitors to take the Gold in the men’s 85kg weightclass. Brett would go three for three in the Snatch, finishing with 110kg, putting him in second place. However, Brett would go on to have the heaviest opening Clean and Jerk at 140kg, giving him a 4kg lead. In his second attempt, though, at 145kg, Brett missed his Clean, having caught the bar too far forward, causing him to drop it. Still, like Melissa before him, Brett would redeem himself by adding more weight to the bar anyway, and viciously securing his final attempt in the Clean and Jerk with 147kg.

The final session of the day had athletes Chris Cameron (94kg) and Chris Georgaras (105kg) moving some of the heaviest weights of the day. This was Chris Cameron’s first competition, successfully completing five out of six attempts. Chris impressively Snatched 114kg, and finished his Clean and Jerks with 125kg, qualifying him for the Ontario Provincial Championships at his first meet. Chris Georgaras, having arguably made the most improvements out of anyone else on the team in the past year, ended up with a 280kg total, 20kg more than his previous best competition total. In his opening Snatch attempt, Chris easily made 120kg. While he would miss his next two attempts at 125 and 130kg, Chris would press on in the Clean and Jerk, making strong attempts at 155kg and 160kg.

As proud as I am of all of our athletes, I also must give credit to my friend and fellow coach, Ian Haya, who not only competed, but tirelessly assisted in preparing our athletes throughout the day. Throughout the day, Ian helped ensure our athletes were warmed-up properly, ready for the platform, while also providing on-the-fly, tactical decisions when it came to calling the correct weights. The day wouldn’t have been the success it was without him.

While not the most important competition of the 2013-2014 season, Winterlift 2014 proved to be the team’s strongest performance yet. With so many athletes both medaling and qualifying for the Ontario Provincial Championships, our team is sure to continue improving at a rapid pace.

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Team JustLift Headed to Winterlift


Several JustLift athletes will be headed to Mississauga this weekend to compete at Winterlift. This will be the last big meet before provincials in March. Some will be looking to qualify for provincials, while others will be looking to qualify for nationals. Wish them all luck, and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates from the meet.

JustLift will be well represented over all of the sessions:

February 8, 2014

9am – Session 1 – Heather Amundrud (W53), Esther Dalle (W53), Val Hoang (W53)

11am – Session 2 – Sarah McGregor (W63), Melissa Tilley (W75+)

1:15pm – Session 3 – Ian Haya (M62)

3:30pm – Session 4 – Brett Lewandowsky (M85)

5:30pm – Session 5 – Chris Cameron (M105), Christos Georgaras (M105)

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Kozorezova to compete at the 2014 Canadian Junior Weightlifting Championships

Here’s JustLift Athlete/Coach Nancy Kozorezova at the 2013 Ontario Junior Championships back in December. She’ll be representing Team Ontario and JustLift at the 2014 Canadian Junior Championships this weekend in Scarborough, ON. She and the rest of Team Ontario will be taking on the best junior aged lifters from across Canada. Best of luck Nancy!

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Kozorezova 3 Time Provincial Champion

JustLift at the 2013 Ontario Provincial Championships

JustLift at the 2013 Ontario Junior Provincial Championships

On December 8, 2013, JustLift traveled to Toronto with athletes Nancy Kozorezova and Nico Winter to compete in the 2013 Ontario Junior Provincial Championships. This meet was used as the final qualifier for the selection of the Provincial Junior Teams that will represent Ontario at the 2014 Canadian Junior Championships in January. Nico Winter was competing in his last meet as a junior, as he will be a senior athlete in the new year.

Nancy Kozorezova started out going 3/3 in the snatch and finished with an all time personal best of 71kg. She was feeling good during warm-up going in to the clean and jerks but missed her second attempt at 83 on the jerk, as her rear foot slipped on the platform. Staying focused, Nancy came out and nailed her 3rd attempt to finish the competition with a 71-83-154 total. This was an all time competition personal best. She solidified her position on the Ontario Junior Team and successfully defended her Junior Provincial title at 63kg, becoming a now 3x Junior Provincial Champion. This total was also good enough to qualify her for the 2014 Senior National Championships in May along with previously qualified teammates Ian Haya (M62), Nico Winter (M77), and Esther Dalle (W53).

Lifting in the final session, Nico Winter competed in his last meet as a Junior aged lifter. Last year’s Junior Provincial Champion and National silver medalist at 69kg, Nico was ineligible to qualify for the Provincial team. Nico, now a 77 lifter, used this as a training meet and competed up a weight class against the 85’s. Nico opened with 105 in the snatch, but tore his hand open on his 2nd attempt at 110. After a good tape job, he took his third attempt and managed to stand up with 110 overhead, but was called on a pressout. Looking to make up some ground in the clean and jerks, Nico came out with a solid performance, sticking all three attempts at 135, 140, and finished with 145. This gave him a 250 total, his 2nd best all time competition total, and above the senior national standard at 85kg, the next weight class up!

Nancy will be gearing up for the 2014 Canadian Junior Championships in Scarborough on January 18, 2014. Nico and the rest of the team will be prepping for the 2014 Winterlift on February 8 at UTM.

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JustLift at the 2013 Ontario Open



Val (Bronze), Esther (Gold), and Heather (Silver) swept the podium in the W53 Class

This past weekend, JustLift sent their largest team ever to compete at the 2013 Ontario Open at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. We had lifters, 12 in total, competing in every session. It was a long day, with the first weigh-in scheduled at 6am, and the last lifters finishing up after 9pm, and coach Greg Chin there for all 15 hours of it! We also had 3 of our coaches, Nico Winter, Nancy Kozorezova, and Heather Amundrud pass their Level 1 coaching evaluations with flying colours.

This was one of largest Open meets the Ontario Weightlifting Association has ever seen. There were over 30 athletes on the waiting list to enter the competition. The level of growth that Ontario has been experiencing in the sport of Weightlifting has been nothing short of amazing.

Just as the number of competitive athletes has increased so has the level of competition. JustLift has stepped up to the challenge and we are certainly showing that we have the potential to be one of, if not THE best club in Ontario. We took home 8 medals (3 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze), while completely owning the podium in the W53 class. This was coupled with solid performances from our new lifters as well. Our 4 newest competitors, Val Hoang, 10 year old Mark Ositashvili, Eric Beltrami, and James Kim all went 5/6 in their very first Open competitions.

Our team experienced numerous moments that exemplify what it means to be an athlete. Whether it was Nancy fighting like a tiger to win after being sidelined for two weeks prior to the competition with an injury or Melissa bouncing back with a perfect 6/6 after a disappointing performance at the Ray Hamilton, everyone on the team grew as competitors. Growth doesn’t always come from triumph, however.

Not everyone can have a perfect meet. For Nicole, this competition didn’t go her way, but that’s the beauty of sport. It’s not always going to be easy, and you don’t always learn the most from winning. At this meet we saw just how tough Nicole could be. Like a true a fighter, Nicole remained composed throughout the entire competition despite not performing the way she’d have liked. A competitor at heart, Nicole was back in the gym promptly on Monday, determined not to repeat the experience. She embodies why we’re rapdily becoming a great team provincially, and soon, nationally.

We don’t break and we don’t quit. We train together, we compete together, we grow together. We are all committed to getting better. As a result, our victories are made greater while our failures are made weaker. Whether you’re pushing through training or grinding out of the hole in your last Clean and Jerk attempt of the meet, your team is with you. That’s what makes JustLift the team it is quickly becoming.

Esther Dalle (W53) – 53-85-138 (Gold)

Heather Amundrud (W53) – 53-74-127 (Silver)

Val Hoang (W53) – 51-70-121 (Bronze)

Nicole Duchesne (W58) – 58-x-x

Nancy Kozorezova (W63) – 64-80-144 (Gold)

Sarah McGregor (W63) – 50-62-112

Melissa Tilley (W75+) – 57-66-123 (Silver)

Mark Ositashvili (M56) – 20-29-49 (Silver)

Ian Haya (M62) – 93-115-208 (Gold)

Nico Winter (M77) – 110-146-256 (Silver)

Eric Beltrami (M94) – 90-115-205

James Kim (M94) – 85-110-195

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The Moment You’ve Been (Kind of) Waiting For



We’re just as anxious as you are to resume your training. That’s why, even though there’s still much to be done, we’re going to open anyway with reduced hours. Until further notice, our hours will now be:

JustLift: 9:00am, 5:00 and 7:00pm, Monday-Friday, and 10:00am on Saturday.

JustFit: 6:00pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and 9:00am on Saturday.

JustLift Beginners: 6:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday, and 9:00am on Saturdays.

To show that we are committed to our members, all members who had active memberships before we closed up shop on Merivale can train throughout November at no additional charge. If you have any questions about your membership please don’t hesitate to ask.

We’re looking forward to seeing you back!

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Building the New JustLift



The process of building the new gym has begun!

We’ll be closed for the rest of this week, and at least half of the next. It’ll be worth it, though. We promise.

For more updates throughout the day please visit our Facebook page as we have been posting progress updates as they occur.

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Continuing the Adventure



So, we’ve run into more logistical hiccups with the move than we anticipated. Unfortunately, we will have to remain closed for the remainder of this week as well. Since the last update we posted dealt with beginnings and endings, perhaps we should expand on that. Maybe it’s time to reflect?

This last year has been nothing short of an unforgettable experience. Since we started, Ian has liked to joke that we were on an adventure. I think he’s right. We used to laugh about this, but I don’t think either of us realized just how right he was. Beyond the two of us, I think we’re all on an adventure. I can’t tell you what yours is, but I can share with you what mine is.

My adventure is trying to figure out how I’m going to lead a ragtag group of crazy weightlifters to victory. It’s learning and applying as many methods as I can to the principles we employ in bringing out the best in our members. It’s been constant sacrifice in the pursuit of excellence. Fundamentally, it’s a new kind of training for me that doesn’t include a barbell secured by a hook-grip in my hands.

I said I couldn’t tell you what your adventure is because that’s something everyone makes for themselves. However, I can assure you, if we were to really sit and talk about what we were both struggling for, we’d find way more similarities than differences at the foundations of our quests. With that said, as your coach, I’m going to make you one promise.

So long as you keep going, I’ll be right behind you. If you think our gym – our community – is where you can realize the destination of your vision, then, I’m there with you. If you can find the strength to reject the temptation to give in, then, I will do the same.

When we re-open we’ll be better than we ever were before. Just as your many battles with the bar have made you tougher, smarter, and more capable, this first year has done the same for me as a coach. The next step of our adventure is awaiting us. I’m ready. Are you?

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A New Chapter


It’s been fun, really, it has. But, it’s time to say goodbye and move onto bigger and better things. That’s right, as some of you have undoubtedly heard, we’re moving.
We realize this is a sudden announcement, but for this week we will have to close. Monday we will hold regular hours, although all of our JustFit classes will be canceled. After Monday we will be closed for the rest of the week.
We will be re-opening shortly at our new location on 895 Churchill Avenue South. We will post daily updates on what’s happening.
If you’re a competing at the Ontario Open please email or message us if you have any questions. Training arrangements have been made.
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