2015 Canadian Senior Weightlifting Championships

Mississauga, ON

May 15-17, 2015

Follow the JustLift High Performance Team as they compete at the 2015 Canadian Senior Weightlifting Championships! Watch us on the live stream as well as our Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be updating this page with results as well. Coaches Greg Chin and Cierra Mansergh will be there taking care of our athletes! We’ll try and hashtag everything #2015cswlc. If another one starts trending, we’ll update here.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Session#3 (M56, M62) 9:00am EDT

Ian Haya (instagram @ianhaya)
SN – 96, 99, 102 (PR)
CJ – 121, 126x, 126 (PR)
Total – 228 (PR), 2nd Place

126kg #cleanandjerk at the 2015 Canadian Senior Weightlifting Championships. My 102kg #snatch gave me a 228 total, which was good enough for second and gave me competition PR's all around. That makes 4 straight silver medals at the Canadian Senior Weightlifting Championships. Every year I've been beat by somebody different and every year I've lifted more than I did the last. With second already secured, I missed my 2nd attempt at 126kg in the #cleanandjerk to take the lead… @chadlangan then made 126 to take a 3kg lead. I would've had to make 129 to take the lead on bodyweight, but I knew it wasn't in the cards based on my first crack at 126. This make at 126 therefore had no bearing on placement, but meant the world to me based on all the goals I had set for myself coming into this meet. All you are in control of is pushing to better yourself and you can't control what other people lift. #iamjustlift #2015cswlc #weightlifting #alwaysabridesmaid

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Session #6 (M85A) 2:30pm EDT

Zachary Marino (instagram @rubixmonkey)
SN – 115, 120x, 123 (PR)
CJ – 147x 149, 154x
Total – 272 (PR), 5th Place


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Session #9 (W48, W53)

Heather Amundrud
SN – 54
CJ – 74
Total – 128

Val Hoang (instagram @valhoang)
SN – 61, 64, 66 (PR)
CJ – 80, 83x, 84x
Total – 146, 4th Place


Session #11 (W58A, W69B)

Julia Boggia (instagram @julialiftsbig)
SN – 70, 74 (PR), 76x
CJ – 81, 84 (PR), 86x
Total 158 (PR)

Nancy Kozorezova (instagram @oly.lifting.gal)
SN – 70x, 70x, 70x
CJ – 84, 88, 90 (PR)
Total – 160 (PR)


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