Month: February 2015

Four Weeks In!

The first microcycle in my return to serious training is done! It’s been four weeks of regular, planned lifting, and I feel…. Sore. Really sore. But, the good kind. The kind of sore that says you’re doing the right things. What I want to reflect on today is the experience that none of us lifters …

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The Stress of Success

Training this week has been good. It’s also been rough. As I sit here writing, reflecting on my lifting since I last wrote, I’m wondering why I’ve felt so beat all week. Not just in my body, but my mind. My body being sore is normal. My mind being adrift is not. Then it dawns …

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Finding the Feel: How to Become a Consistent Weightlifter

Have you ever performed a lift, and then upon completion of the rep thought to yourself: “damn, that felt good”? That, from start to finish, it just felt “right”? Congratulations, you have discovered the “feel!” More often than not, however, this feeling remains an elusive event in the average beginner-intermediate lifter’s experience of the weight. …

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