Registration with the OWA for the upcoming Hybrid Club Competition has been extended to this Tuesday, Nov 18.

Clarification: If you plan on doing this competition at JustLift, you need to ensure the following:
You are a registered member with the OWA.
Your club is a registered club with the OWA.
Each club needs to submit a team registration with the OWA and pay $10 + $6/athlete.

ADDITIONALLY, we (JustLift) need to have a list of your lifters (e-mail, with YOB and category information, as the OWA registration is not sent to us. These are the names that I have as of noon today. Anyone that is not a regular member of JustLift will need to pay $24 to JustLift.

Virtue, Maleeka
Amundrud, Heather
Dalle, Esther
Snipper, Sarah
Hoang, Valerie
Meldrum, Stefanie
Hoang, Valerie
Suprovich, Sheila
Sergenese, Abigail
Siegel, Adia
Jurchuk, Abby
Robitaille, Jeanne
Moise, Emilie
Boggia, Julia
Smith-Crowl, Chantal
Botticelli, Alysha
Berry, Noah
Haya, Ian
Orzech, Lewis
Lamothe, Patrick
Lucas, Josh
Hrabowsky, Zenon
Marino, Zachary
Jameson, Austin
Francis, Andrew
Spreg, Aaron
Haspect, Greg
Malone, Doug
Jaeck, Devon