Download the Start List for the first OWA Hybrid Club Competition at JustLift!

Weigh-in for the first session will be at 9am, with the first lifters starting at 11am! Spectators, make sure you’re there for the presentation of athletes at 10:45am! Things should wrap up shortly after 4pm. Looks like it will be a pretty full day of lifting!

If you take a look at the start list, you will see we have lifters from 4 different clubs in the area, JustLift (that’s us!), Cornwall Weightlifting Club, Ottawa Elite, and Physics Elite. We currently have 33 registered lifters, aged 10-40 across almost every weight category! It should be a great time!

JustLift Level 2 lifters not competing in the Hybrid Club Competition can train from 8am-10am. JustFit and JustLift Level 1 are still at 9am.