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Temporary Schedule Changes This Week

This past Sunday, Coach Greg’s grandmother passed away. As such, he will be absent for the remainder of the week, and this means some temporary schedule changes.

For the remainder of the week:
– There will be no Open Gym after today for the rest of the week.
– There will be no morning classes on Wednesday, the 26th.
– Late Afternoon/Evening classes will proceed as normal, coached by Cierra, Julia, Nico, and Ian. Were playing this one by ear, and as personal schedules allow.

If you have any questions about this week’s schedule please do not hesitate to email us via

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OWA Hybrid Club Competition at JustLift Start List

Download the Start List for the first OWA Hybrid Club Competition at JustLift!

Weigh-in for the first session will be at 9am, with the first lifters starting at 11am! Spectators, make sure you’re there for the presentation of athletes at 10:45am! Things should wrap up shortly after 4pm. Looks like it will be a pretty full day of lifting!

If you take a look at the start list, you will see we have lifters from 4 different clubs in the area, JustLift (that’s us!), Cornwall Weightlifting Club, Ottawa Elite, and Physics Elite. We currently have 33 registered lifters, aged 10-40 across almost every weight category! It should be a great time!

JustLift Level 2 lifters not competing in the Hybrid Club Competition can train from 8am-10am. JustFit and JustLift Level 1 are still at 9am.

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OWA Hybrid Club Competition at JustLift Update

Registration with the OWA for the upcoming Hybrid Club Competition has been extended to this Tuesday, Nov 18.

Clarification: If you plan on doing this competition at JustLift, you need to ensure the following:
You are a registered member with the OWA.
Your club is a registered club with the OWA.
Each club needs to submit a team registration with the OWA and pay $10 + $6/athlete.

ADDITIONALLY, we (JustLift) need to have a list of your lifters (e-mail, with YOB and category information, as the OWA registration is not sent to us. These are the names that I have as of noon today. Anyone that is not a regular member of JustLift will need to pay $24 to JustLift.

Virtue, Maleeka
Amundrud, Heather
Dalle, Esther
Snipper, Sarah
Hoang, Valerie
Meldrum, Stefanie
Hoang, Valerie
Suprovich, Sheila
Sergenese, Abigail
Siegel, Adia
Jurchuk, Abby
Robitaille, Jeanne
Moise, Emilie
Boggia, Julia
Smith-Crowl, Chantal
Botticelli, Alysha
Berry, Noah
Haya, Ian
Orzech, Lewis
Lamothe, Patrick
Lucas, Josh
Hrabowsky, Zenon
Marino, Zachary
Jameson, Austin
Francis, Andrew
Spreg, Aaron
Haspect, Greg
Malone, Doug
Jaeck, Devon

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OWA Hybrid Club Competition at JustLift

JustLift is proud to be a host for the first Ontario Weightlifting Hybrid Club Competition. This competition is open to all registered OWA clubs and their registered lifters. Each club is responsible for registering their team of lifters with the OWA separately.

Registration forms and additional information are available here:!hybrid-club-competitions/c3zm

Clubs and Athletes are responsible for separate fees payable to the OWA ($10 per club, and $6 per athlete)

If you’d like to bring your team to conduct the competition with us, we’ll need a list of your lifters! After you’ve registered your team with the OWA, send your team list to Ian (

Registration Fees Payable to JustLift:

JustLift Members: $6/athlete (sign up and pay by Fri. Nov 14th at the front desk)
Non-Member: $24/athlete (visiting clubs, collect this fee from your athletes and pay JustLift at the meet)

There will be a full team of officials so that lifters will be able to qualify for Winterlift and the Ontario Provincial Championships.

The results of each team’s best 10 lifters will be used to determine a team winner across all participating clubs at multiple locations across Ontario. Lifters will be ranked according to their age and bodyweight categories. A progressive scoring system that awards greater points to the younger age categories will be used. This is to encourage the participation of younger lifters without precluding other age groups. There is no limit to the number of athletes per team. The winning team will receive a prize for their club from the OWA.

Cumulative points will be kept for the entirety of the Hybrid Competitive season and a banner will be awarded to the top scoring team.

Age groups contested are:

Juvenille (15 and under, born 1999 or later)

Youth (17 and under, born 1997 or later)

Junior (20 and under, born 1994 or later)

Senior/Master (20+, born 1993 or earlier)

IWF rules dictate that age groups are determined by Year of Birth only, for example, anyone born in 1994 is a Junior for 2014 and becomes a Senior on Jan 1, 2015, regardless of their Date of Birth.

The additional Juvenille/Youth Bodyweight categories will also be contested (M44, M50, M94+, W44, W69+).

This competition is not subject to doping control.

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