This Saturday, Oct. 25, we will be having our Fall Club Competition. Here’s the gym schedule for Saturday!

9am-10am – JustLift Level 1

9am-10am – JustFit

9am-11am – JustLift Level 2 (for all those not competing, this is 1 hour earlier than normal!)

10am-11am – Weigh-in for competitors (you’ll need to know your starting attempts!)

11am-11:30am – Setup (conditioning work for weightlifters!)

11:30am – Competitors should be ready to warm up

11:45am – Presentation of athletes

12 Noon – Lifting Starts!

We plan on running all lifters together in one session. Women will snatch first, followed by the men. Then the women will continue to the clean and jerks, again followed by the men. Things should wrap around 2pm, plenty of time to swing by HintonToberFest afterwards if anyone is interested!