JustLift at the 2013 Ontario Provincial Championships

JustLift at the 2013 Ontario Junior Provincial Championships

On December 8, 2013, JustLift traveled to Toronto with athletes Nancy Kozorezova and Nico Winter to compete in the 2013 Ontario Junior Provincial Championships. This meet was used as the final qualifier for the selection of the Provincial Junior Teams that will represent Ontario at the 2014 Canadian Junior Championships in January. Nico Winter was competing in his last meet as a junior, as he will be a senior athlete in the new year.

Nancy Kozorezova started out going 3/3 in the snatch and finished with an all time personal best of 71kg. She was feeling good during warm-up going in to the clean and jerks but missed her second attempt at 83 on the jerk, as her rear foot slipped on the platform. Staying focused, Nancy came out and nailed her 3rd attempt to finish the competition with a 71-83-154 total. This was an all time competition personal best. She solidified her position on the Ontario Junior Team and successfully defended her Junior Provincial title at 63kg, becoming a now 3x Junior Provincial Champion. This total was also good enough to qualify her for the 2014 Senior National Championships in May along with previously qualified teammates Ian Haya (M62), Nico Winter (M77), and Esther Dalle (W53).

Lifting in the final session, Nico Winter competed in his last meet as a Junior aged lifter. Last year’s Junior Provincial Champion and National silver medalist at 69kg, Nico was ineligible to qualify for the Provincial team. Nico, now a 77 lifter, used this as a training meet and competed up a weight class against the 85’s. Nico opened with 105 in the snatch, but tore his hand open on his 2nd attempt at 110. After a good tape job, he took his third attempt and managed to stand up with 110 overhead, but was called on a pressout. Looking to make up some ground in the clean and jerks, Nico came out with a solid performance, sticking all three attempts at 135, 140, and finished with 145. This gave him a 250 total, his 2nd best all time competition total, and above the senior national standard at 85kg, the next weight class up!

Nancy will be gearing up for the 2014 Canadian Junior Championships in Scarborough on January 18, 2014. Nico and the rest of the team will be prepping for the 2014 Winterlift on February 8 at UTM.