So, we’ve run into more logistical hiccups with the move than we anticipated. Unfortunately, we will have to remain closed for the remainder of this week as well. Since the last update we posted dealt with beginnings and endings, perhaps we should expand on that. Maybe it’s time to reflect?

This last year has been nothing short of an unforgettable experience. Since we started, Ian has liked to joke that we were on an adventure. I think he’s right. We used to laugh about this, but I don’t think either of us realized just how right he was. Beyond the two of us, I think we’re all on an adventure. I can’t tell you what yours is, but I can share with you what mine is.

My adventure is trying to figure out how I’m going to lead a ragtag group of crazy weightlifters to victory. It’s learning and applying as many methods as I can to the principles we employ in bringing out the best in our members. It’s been constant sacrifice in the pursuit of excellence. Fundamentally, it’s a new kind of training for me that doesn’t include a barbell secured by a hook-grip in my hands.

I said I couldn’t tell you what your adventure is because that’s something everyone makes for themselves. However, I can assure you, if we were to really sit and talk about what we were both struggling for, we’d find way more similarities than differences at the foundations of our quests. With that said, as your coach, I’m going to make you one promise.

So long as you keep going, I’ll be right behind you. If you think our gym – our community – is where you can realize the destination of your vision, then, I’m there with you. If you can find the strength to reject the temptation to give in, then, I will do the same.

When we re-open we’ll be better than we ever were before. Just as your many battles with the bar have made you tougher, smarter, and more capable, this first year has done the same for me as a coach. The next step of our adventure is awaiting us. I’m ready. Are you?