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Labour Day Hours

We’ll be open for a couple classes on Labour Day. This will be the same as our normal Saturday schedule.

JustFit – 9am

JustLift – 10am

Other than that, rest up and enjoy the long weekend!

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Temporary Revised Hours

This is just a reminder to our members that, for this week, and possibly the next, the 9:30am Weightlifting session on weekdays has been canceled.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but can assure you that this is only being done in an effort to further improve your training experience at JustLift!

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2 Chainz!



If you’re Nancy, Master Chief of the Quad Squad, sometimes straight weight just isn’t enough.

I could bore you here with careful, theoretical reasoning as to why adding chain to heavy squats is a nifty little trick to get you even stronger, but I won’t (because I’m sure I’ll end up doing it to you in the gym anyway). Instead I’ll say this: when you’re as experienced a lifter as Nancy is dynamic approaches like this matter, and can make all the difference in getting you better. As an added bonus, you’re also rewarded with looking like a weightlifting badass (although it’ll be tough to equal Nancy in this regard). It’s one of the perks that comes with being dedicated to your training as long as she has.

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