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Summer Bar Slam Weightlifting Club Meet Results



Nicole Duchesne (16 y/o, bw 56kg) Clean and Jerking 70kg

Results from the JustLift Summer Bar Slam Weightlifting Club Meet

July 27, 2013 at JustLift – Ottawa, ON

A few members of the club got together to slam some bars and crush some PR’s. This was a nice small meet in the middle of the summer to keep our lifters sharp before the qualifying season opens up, and give a few newcomers a chance to try out a competition! Overall it was a lot of fun and everyone lifted well!

Nicole Duchesne – SN – 48x, 48, 50, CJ – 60, 65, 70, Total 120

Heather Amundrud – SN – 48, 50, 52, CJ – 68, 71, 74, Total 126

Melissa Tilley – SN – 45, 50, 52, CJ – 65, 70, 72x, Total 122

Nico Winter – SN – 100, 105x, 108, CJ – 125, 129, 132x, Total 237

Kevin Leckett – SN – 92, 98x, 102x, CJ – 115, 120, 125x, Total 212

Eric Beltrami – SN – 70, 75, 80, CJ – 105, 111x, 111, Total 191

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JustLift Summer Bar Slam Club Meet

Time to slam bars and crush PR’s! We’ll be having a weightlifting club meet to end the month of July! Here’s your chance to make a run at some PR’s or try out an organized meet. This will replace the normal Saturday 10am training time. Weigh-in will be at 9am, and lifting will start at 11am.



This club meet is open to any member of JustLift. Lifters will need to be registered with the Ontario Weightlifting Association for the 2013-2014 season and list “JustLift” as their club. Since this is a club meet, you may register as a participation athlete for $30. Those planning on competing outside of our club meets will need to register as a full competitive athlete ($75). You can download the OWA registration form from as well as pay via PayPal.

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