The start lists for the 2013 Ontario Senior Weightlifting Championships have been posted. We have several lifters spread out over all the sessions: Session 1 – Weigh in 0700-800, Lifting at 0900 Heather Amundrud (W53) Esther Dalle (W53) Session 2 – Weigh in 0900-1000, Lifting at 1100 Ian Haya (M62) Nico Winter (M69) Session 3 – Weigh in 1030-1130, Lifting at 1230 Nancy Kozorezova (W63) Session 4 – Weigh in 1200-1300, Lifting at 1400 Zachary Marino (M85) Session 5 – Weigh in 1400-1500, Lifting at 1600 Chris Georgaras (M105)



The local organizing committee (University of Toronto Mississauga Weightlifting) plans on streaming the event via Google+ Hangouts. We’ll try to keep you up to date so you can join in and watch our lifters in action. Since the team and coaches will be traveling to Toronto, leaving Friday afternoon, all classes are cancelled for Friday evening and Saturday. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we promise to make it up to you! Everyone has been working really hard as of late, so use this time to get some extra rest and come back ready to go on Monday!