Another great day of heavy lifting is now in the books. We had several athletes travel to Mississauga for the 2013 Ontario Senior Weightlifting Championships at the UTM campus. This meet featured all the top lifters in Ontario, the best of the best.

The first session saw Esther Dalle and Heather Amundrud finish 2-3 in the W53 category. The session started with a stumble, as Esther’s first attempt was incorrectly loaded 5kg heavier, a mistake that.was missed by all the officials. She was allowed to repeat her first attempt. She bounced back from that to nail all three of her clean and jerks, matching the Ontario Provincial record on her last attempt with a lift of 80kg. Heather, lifting in her first Provincials, also finished strong making all three of her clean and jerks and made competition PR’s in the snatch, clean and jerk, and total.



The second session saw coaches Ian Haya and Nico Winter in lifting action, being coached by Greg Chin. Ian secured a 4th consecutive provincial title in the M62 class going 5/6 and finished with a 209 total for his first +300 Sinclair. Nico Winter, lifting in the M77 class secured a 100kg snatch for a competition PR and matched his competition PR of 125 in the clean and jerk for a total PR as well. He managed to clean 130 twice, but was unable to hold the jerk.



One of Ontario’s top female junior lifters, Nancy Kozorezova, lifted in the third session. However, she’s been recovering from an injury and it was best to play it safe with her. She had already qualifed for the Canadian Senior Nationals, making the qualifying total in 3 eligible meets this season. In Ontario, it is a requirement for the lifter to compete at Provincials if they want to go on to Nationals, so we had her open with a light 40kg snatch and then call it a day.

In the fourth session, Zachary Marino lifted in his first Provincial Championships. While his first snatch was turned down for a press out, he managed to make his next 2 snatches and all of his clean and jerks for a 5/6 performance, and a 10kg competition PR in the clean and jerk and a 10kg total record as well.

In the fifth and final session, Christos Georgaras, also lifting in his first Provincial Championships, went 5/6. He made all of his snatch attempts and just missed his last clean and jerk. His total of 260 was good enough for bronze, but more importantly, it was good enough to qualify him for the Canadian Senior National Championships.


The endurance award of the day, goes to coach Greg Chin, who was there for the 7am weigh-in and coached all the lifters spread out over all the sessions, with the last session finishing around 6pm.


Overall, it was a great meet and we were pretty happy about having a good crew to represent the club and come back with a few medals. Nico, Nancy, Ian, and Chris will now be focusing on keeping up the momentum into the Canadian Senior Weightlifting Championships in Edmonton, AB over the May long weekend. Thanks to everyone who watched and cheered on (in person or caught the live stream), and thanks for all the texts, fb likes, and messages over the day. It means a lot to us all and we will all be back in the gym training hard.



Esther Dalle (W53) – SN 45, CJ 80, Total 125, Silver Medal
Heather Amundrud (W53) – SN 50, CJ 72, Total 122, Bronze Medal
Ian Haya (M62) – SN 91, CJ 118, Total 209, Gold Medal
Nico Winter (M77) – SN 100, CJ 125, Total 225
Nancy Kozorezova (W63) – SN 40
Zachary Marino (M85) – SN 100, CJ 125, Total 225
Christos Georgaras (M105) – SN 115, CJ 145, Total 260, Bronze Medal