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Ottawa Weightlifting Closed Inter-Club Meet Start List

Weigh-in 9am for ALL lifters

Lifting starts at 11am
Session 1
Class Name Club YOB
W53 Heather Amundrud JL 1974
W53 Nicole Duchesne JL 1997
W63 Nancy Kozorezova JL 1994
W63 Jamie Collins OTE 1984
W69 Erin Cooke OTE 1988
W75+ Marilyne Pelletier 75+ JL 1984
Break (Time TBD)
Session 2
Class Name Club YOB
M77 Nico Winter JL 1993
M77 Corey Tsang JL 1989
M77 Frederic Lavoie OTE 1986
M85 Brett Lewandowsky SOC 1991
M85 Zachary Marino JL 1991
M85 Adam Davidson OTE 1991
M85 Kevin O’Grady OTE 1989
M85 Kevin Leckett OTE 1991
M85 Sean Leipe CAN 1995
M105 Chris Georgaras JL 1985
M105 Doug Malone OTE 1975
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Upcoming Competitions

Upcoming competitions:

February 23, 2013 – Ottawa Closed Club Meet

This coming Saturday, JustLift and Ottawa Elite will be hosting a joint inter-club meet. Registration is now closed, but those late stragglers sitting on the fence can still lift for $20 at weigh in, which starts at 9am.

The Women will be lifting first, starting at 11am. The Men’s session will follow after.

March 23, 2013 – Ontario Seniors

The Ontario Senior Provincial Championships are being hosted by UTM, and will be at the Mississuaga campus. So far, JustLift has qualified the following lifters:

W53 – Nicole Duchesne (as a promising Junior)
W53 – Heather Amundrud
W53 – Esther Dalle
W63 – Nancy Kozorezova
M62/69 – Ian Haya
M69/77 – Nico Winter

We’ll be looking to add a few more lifters to that list after our club meet this Saturday!

Entry forms for Ontario Seniors are now available on the OWA website. We will also print some off and have them available at the gym.

April 6, 2013 – Ontario Scholastics

This meet is the first meet of the OWA 2013-2014 season. It is open to any registered full-time post-secondary, secondary, or elementary student of an Ontario Educational Institution. Other lifters may register as a guest lifter for NCCP evaluation purposes. Lifters will represent their school, and separate prizes are awarded to each top performing post-secondary, secondary, and elementary team.

Entry forms are also available on the OWA website. Again, we will also print some off and have them available at the gym.

Until then, keep training hard!



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Ottawa Weightlifting Closed Club Competition

Who:  JustLift, Ottawa Elite, and Canuck Athletics

What: Sanctioned Inter-Club Weightlifting Competition

Where: JustLift (1023A Merivale Road, Ottawa, ON)

When: Sat., Feb. 23 starting at 9am

Why: Meet Other Weightlifters, Learn to Compete, Compete, and JustLift!



It’s that time again! We will be hosting a joint Club Competition for the members of JustLift, Ottawa Elite, and Canuck Athletics.

This meet will be sanctioned by the OWA and lifters will be able to qualify for Ontario Provincials at this meet.

We encourage all of our members to participate, especially those who have not competed before. This will give you a better understanding of how the sport of weightlifting is contested. This meet will also replace the normal Saturday training time.

All lifters must be registered members with the OWA with their respective clubs. If you are a new lifter and this is your first time registering with the OWA, a half-year membership is available after Dec. 1 for $30 ( A participation membership is $20. Participants are not eligible for ranking or qualification. Registration with the OWA is separate from the competition.

Athlete Entry Fee is $10 payable at weigh-in.

Athlete Registration deadline is Feb 18. Late registration fee is $20. Don’t delay!

Register Online Now!

Weigh-in will begin at 9am, with lifting starting at 11am. Start list and other information to be posted on This competition will NOT be subject to doping control (unable to qualify for Nationals).

Free admission for spectators! If you’re curious to see what a weightlifting competition is like, make sure you come check it out! Come cheer on some of Ottawa’s most powerful athletes!

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