Scarborough, ON – The sport of weightlifting continues to grow in size and popularity in Ontario, and JustLift in Ottawa are certainly doing their part. They continued their successful ways with another stellar meet at the Ontario Weightlifting Junior Provincial Championships at the Variety Village facility in Scarborough this past Saturday. Junior lifters Nancy Kozorezova (18) and Nico Winter (19) were both crowned Provincial champions in their weight classes (W63 and M69 respectively), and named to the top ranked Ontario Junior Provincial team competing at the Canadian Junior Championships in January.


Meet the Ontario Junior athletes and coaches headed to Nationals!

Nico Winter started off the competition with a 3kg personal record in the snatch, making attempts at 90 and 95 kg. He just missed his final attempt at 98 kg when he lifted it easily overhead, but was unable to maintain his balance and lost it behind him. He then smashed his personal clean and jerk record by 10 kg, making all three attempts at 110, 115, and then 120 kg. His total of 215 kg earned him the title of Provincial Junior Champion in the M69 weight class and shattered his personal total record by 17 kg.

Next up for JustLift was Graydon Campbell (16) competing in his very first meet in the M105+ category. Campbell was able to settle those first time jitters and channel his energy into nailing all 3 of his snatch attempts at 75, 80, and 85 kg. He would then go on to make his opener at 100 kg in the clean and jerk. His second attempt at 105 kg was lost on a pressout, but he managed to redeem himself by making 105 kg on his third and final attempt. His 195 kg total was good enough to earn him a silver medal.

Another newcomer to the sport, Nicole Duchesne (15, W53) is making rapid gains competing in only her second meet and first Ontario Junior Championships. Duchesne opened the snatch portion of the competition with a personal record of 40 kg, and then increased it even more by making her second attempt at 43 kg. Her third and final attempt at 45 kg was very close but she was unable to stabilize it and stand up after catching it in the bottom. She would go on to make 45 and 50 kg in the clean and jerk and just missing her jerk on her final attempt at 55 kg after a solid clean. Her total of 93 kg was a 5 kg total personal record.

Capping off the end of the day was Kozorezova, competing in the W63 category. Kozorezova made her first two snatch attempts at 60 and 65 kg. She launched her third and final attempt at 70 kg for what would be a 5 kg personal record, but in the excitement of making the lift, she lowered the weight before the judges gave her a proper down signal, nullifying the attempt. She was able to put that small mistake behind her when she came out for her clean and jerks and made all three attempts at 75, 80, and 85 kg for a 5 kg personal record. Her total of 150 kg allowed her to repeat as Junior Provincial Champion in the W63 category. She will be looking forward to helping the Ontario Team at Junior Nationals as one of the top ranked lifters and hoping to improve on the bronze medal she earned at last years Canadian Junior Championships.

Coach Ian Haya put in a long day of managing the athlete’s warm ups and selecting weights for their lifters. Everything paid off in the end as it was a great meet for everyone. Next up for JustLift is a closed inter-club meet on December 15 at the JustLift facility, which will include lifters from Ottawa Elite and Canuck Athletics.