I never have time during the week to make myself more then boiled eggs or something resembling that simple, so on the weekend I like to make something that takes a little more effort.  Saturday morning was an egg scramble with onion, mushroom and peppers, bacon,  sliced avocado and sauerkraut.  I’ve been trying to add in sauerkraut to my morning meal as much as possible for a good dose of probiotics without having to take probiotic supplements.


Last week I made my first ‘paleo’ dessert’,  Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake with Maple-Vanilla Frosting, from Melissa Joulwan’s website – The Clothes That Make The Girl.  It was a big hit at home as well as at the gym where I brought some sweet samples for my hardworking weightlifting family (or at least the ones that were there when I brought them in!).  These were quite worth the considerable effort it took to  make them.  I found them a little labour intensive considering the long ingredient list, trying to make sure the frosting was the right consistency and waiting forever for the cake to cool down.  I have to admit I was a little impatient making the frosting so it ended up being a little too runny and I had to cool it down in order to get it the right consistency, but again, well worth all the effort! Actually, I wish I had one now…


Sunday nights are often a crapshoot around my house as to whether or not we end up eating a healthy meal or ordering out due to laziness.  Often cooking up something wins because we’re cheap and don’t want to spend the money, and that was the case last night.  It couldn’t have been easier considering we had plenty of leftovers from the end of the week and we threw together a toss salad with balsamic dressing.


Finally, in anticipation of a cold week ahead, I roasted some butternut squash and onion to make soup.  I always find myself longing for a bowl of steaming creamy soup.  However, considering diary is a big no-no for me (even as a cheat its a no-go as I’m allergic) a nice blended butternut squash soup is perfect! I’ll share later in the week!

Here’s to a week of eating real food!