On Tuesday night I came home from the gym and cooked.  My boyfriend was working nights so I spent the evening cooking.  I made two big cook up dishes.  A tomato, pepper, onion and sausage bake and a chicken, sweet potato and kale soup.


I didn’t actually follow recipes, but these recipes were the inspiration – Sausage Bake Chicken/Kale Soup.  I was super lucky that all the kale that I used in the soup was the last of the kale that came from my garden! I’ll definitely be planting kale again next year!


I had a really great night at the gym last night and also on Tuesday night.  Tonight I managed to hit my personal records (PR) 3 times in each the Snatch (50kg) and Clean & Jerk (60kg)! I was very excited for this.  I’ve been having a hard time at the gym, lately, my hip flexors have been tight and hard to warm up, I’ve been gassing out and feeling pretty discouraged.  Tonight felt great.  The weights were flying,  yet I felt that I was working hard too.

So, what was different last night and tuesday from others? I ate more throughout the day.  On tuesday, I stopped at home quickly before I headed to the gym and ate some tuna and avocado (my power food!).  Last night I knew I would be working late, so I brought a meal with me to eat before the gym (chicken/kale soup).  So, lesson learned I’ll be eating from now on!

Happy lifting! See you at the gym!