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JustLift Hosts Inter-Club Competition

We will be hosting a inter-club competition on December 15, 2012 for athletes registered with the 3 Ottawa area OWA weightlifting clubs, JustLift, Ottawa Elite, and Canuck Athletics.

Weigh-in will be at 10am and lifting will start at noon. Athletes can register for the event here:

This will be a sanctioned OWA inter-club meet and will not be subject to doping control. Athletes may qualify for Provincials at this meet, but not Nationals.

We are encouraging all the members of our JustLift program to participate in this friendly competition, especially those that have not competed before. This will be a low-stress enviornment to gain some experience on how a weightlifting competition is run.

We will be opening our doors and offering free admission for all spectators that are curious to see how an Olympic Weightlifting competition is run. It should be a great time! We hope to see you there!



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The Cook Up

On Tuesday night I came home from the gym and cooked.  My boyfriend was working nights so I spent the evening cooking.  I made two big cook up dishes.  A tomato, pepper, onion and sausage bake and a chicken, sweet potato and kale soup.


I didn’t actually follow recipes, but these recipes were the inspiration – Sausage Bake Chicken/Kale Soup.  I was super lucky that all the kale that I used in the soup was the last of the kale that came from my garden! I’ll definitely be planting kale again next year!


I had a really great night at the gym last night and also on Tuesday night.  Tonight I managed to hit my personal records (PR) 3 times in each the Snatch (50kg) and Clean & Jerk (60kg)! I was very excited for this.  I’ve been having a hard time at the gym, lately, my hip flexors have been tight and hard to warm up, I’ve been gassing out and feeling pretty discouraged.  Tonight felt great.  The weights were flying,  yet I felt that I was working hard too.

So, what was different last night and tuesday from others? I ate more throughout the day.  On tuesday, I stopped at home quickly before I headed to the gym and ate some tuna and avocado (my power food!).  Last night I knew I would be working late, so I brought a meal with me to eat before the gym (chicken/kale soup).  So, lesson learned I’ll be eating from now on!

Happy lifting! See you at the gym!

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JustLift at the 2012 Ontario Open

Here’s video of several of our JustLift athletes competing at the 2012 Ontario Open.

Nicole Duchesne (W53) snatched 38, and clean and jerked 50 for an 88 total in her very first weightlifting meet and captured a silver medal in her weight class.

Nancy Kozorezova (W63) snatched 65 and clean and jerked 80 for a 145 total, captured a gold medal in her weight class, and qualified for the 2013 Canadian National Championships as a junior aged lifter. Her total also currently places her as the #3 junior female lifter in Ontario.

Ian Haya (M69) snatched 95 and clean and jerked 120 for a 215 total, captured a bronze medal in his weight class, and qualified for the 2013 Canadian National Championships.

Nico Winter (M77) snatched 90 and clean and jerked 105 for a 195 total, and met the minimum standard required to be considered for the Ontario Junior team competing at the Canadian Junior Championships in January. His total currently places him as the #9 ranked junior male lifter in Ontario.

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Lazy Sunday night healthy eating

I never have time during the week to make myself more then boiled eggs or something resembling that simple, so on the weekend I like to make something that takes a little more effort.  Saturday morning was an egg scramble with onion, mushroom and peppers, bacon,  sliced avocado and sauerkraut.  I’ve been trying to add in sauerkraut to my morning meal as much as possible for a good dose of probiotics without having to take probiotic supplements.


Last week I made my first ‘paleo’ dessert’,  Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake with Maple-Vanilla Frosting, from Melissa Joulwan’s website – The Clothes That Make The Girl.  It was a big hit at home as well as at the gym where I brought some sweet samples for my hardworking weightlifting family (or at least the ones that were there when I brought them in!).  These were quite worth the considerable effort it took to  make them.  I found them a little labour intensive considering the long ingredient list, trying to make sure the frosting was the right consistency and waiting forever for the cake to cool down.  I have to admit I was a little impatient making the frosting so it ended up being a little too runny and I had to cool it down in order to get it the right consistency, but again, well worth all the effort! Actually, I wish I had one now…


Sunday nights are often a crapshoot around my house as to whether or not we end up eating a healthy meal or ordering out due to laziness.  Often cooking up something wins because we’re cheap and don’t want to spend the money, and that was the case last night.  It couldn’t have been easier considering we had plenty of leftovers from the end of the week and we threw together a toss salad with balsamic dressing.


Finally, in anticipation of a cold week ahead, I roasted some butternut squash and onion to make soup.  I always find myself longing for a bowl of steaming creamy soup.  However, considering diary is a big no-no for me (even as a cheat its a no-go as I’m allergic) a nice blended butternut squash soup is perfect! I’ll share later in the week!

Here’s to a week of eating real food!

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CTV Morning Live’s Jeff Hopper Vs. JustLift’s Nancy Kozorezova

Check out the piece from CTV Morning Live featuring our own Nancy Kozorezova (@shenangg) battling Jeff Hopper (@HopperJeff). We can’t exactly say that it was a fair match. Jeff sure had his hands full!

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Getting It Done On The Road

One of the hardest obstacles to consistent serious training is if you travel a lot. I spent this past week on a training course in Myrtle Beach, SC for my day job. This meant a lot of time in airports, in a plane, in taxis, having to get up early, and having to stay up late. It also meant having to make a lot of choices, basically every time I had to eat there was a myriad of choices presented to me.

I’m not going to say I made the best choice at every meal, but I did make an effort to minimize the damage that can come from the indulgence that is the Southern United States. Myrtle Beach is definitely a tourist town, and the tourist traps are all over the place. I mean, this is the kind of temptation I had to deal with:




When it comes to eating though, at just about every normal restaurant, there’s usually a salad option, and the option to add meat. Sometimes the dressings can get kind of junky, but just stick to something oil and spice/herb based or a simple vinaigrette. Most of my lunches looked like this, and some of my suppers as well.

Breakfast was actually pretty simple to do, as the hotel I stayed at had a buffet that included eggs, bacon, sausage, and lots of fresh fruit. It also had a whole table full of breads, cereals, and a waffle maker that I stayed far away from! For suppers, a few starchy carbs found their way onto my plate, but I kind of allowed myself this as I managed to get evening training sessions in Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thu. Sunday was a travel day, as was Friday, so they kind of became my rest days for the week.

As far as my training sessions went, I planned ahead and researched a few weightlifting friendly gyms in the area. There was a social event planned for our course the Monday night, so I thought I wasn’t going to have time to train, but there was a small window between the end of the coursework for the day and when we were meeting for supper. Anyway, it wasn’t quite enough time to go out to one of the gyms I researched, so I went to the Planet Fitness that was just around the corner from the hotel. Big mistake.

After paying my drop in fee, I changed and wandered aimlessly around the sea of machines in search of a squat rack or barbells. Surely a large (probably 10,000+ sqft) and expensive looking facility would have such basic workout equipment. I wasn’t expecting a set of Eleiko competition plates or anything, but a squat rack, is that too much to ask? I went to the front desk after my search and asked them if they had any squat racks. They told me no, and that Planet Fitness doesn’t allow them. I turn around. He yells back “We have Smith Machines!” I keep walking away, grab my bag from the locker room, and go back to the front desk and ask for my money back…Lesson learned.

I ended up that night at the Gold’s Gym just down the street toge, and they at least had a squat rack and some barbells!



Fitness Edge MMA/CrossFit Grand Strand

The next few nights, I spent training at Fitness Edge MMA/CrossFit Grand Strand. This was the main spot that I researched and Coach Mike Kelley and I had about a 17 message e-mail exchange. The guys there were pretty awesome and super accommodating. They let me take over a platform and squat rack and just do my thing. They even had a few members that were interested in improving their Olympic lifts that I was able to coach in between my sets. I had a lot of fun training here, and it was well worth it even though it was a bit further away from my hotel and I had to fight a bit with rush hour traffic (which is apparently way less this time of year). It was great to see a few of their athletes really want to improve their technique though. They were super attentive, ready to learn, and worked hard! You can’t really ask for much more than that.



CrossFit Grand Strand Crew Post-WOD

So yes, it is possible to keep things going on the road. It’s not going to be ideal, but with a little bit of work and planning ahead, you can come up with something that works!

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Maintaining Paleo with good food

Today I was going through my facebook account deleting old posts and looking through old pictures and came across some of my pictures from when I first started eating Paleo.  Within a year of taking the paleo bull by the horns my pictures are (to me) noticeably different, my skin was clearer, my face thinner, and my body definitely leaner.  I lost about 20 pounds with that year.  I was feeling super confident and I was on a total paleo high.

Fast forward a couple of years.  I’ve maintained about half of that original weight loss, but my weight has gone up and down.  I try not to worry about my weight when it comes to the numbers, I always know if I’ve gained or lost weight based on my clothes, but I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t succumb to those societal ideas once in awhile.  I will admit, I am vein, I like to know that I look good in my clothes, and most importantly, that I look good naked! But what really matters is, am I fit? Am I keeping up at the gym?

Recently I’ve been doing pretty good with my diet.  As I’ve mentioned in the last post I maintain about a 80/20 paleo diet, but I want to tighten that up and gear up to start making some more gains at the gym.

Over the last week or so I’ve made a number of really great meals.  Some of which I took pictures of and some I forgot because they were SO good I ate it all before realizing that I hadn’t gotten a shot of it!

On Friday night after the gym I was super hungry and there were no left overs to eat, so I cooked up a fall back meal – Sausage and Peppers.  I had some sauerkraut on the side with some mustard! This is one of my favourite meals because it is so fast and easy, with cutting veggies, I think that this meal was on my plate within 20 minutes.


Earlier that week I made what will become a staple in my household – balsamic marinaded chicken.  The chicken thighs were marinaded from the morning, I put it on bamboo skewers and barbecued them up when I got home from the gym.  I paired it with a green salad with yellow peppers and that Dreamy Avocado dressing from the “It Starts with Food” book.


The balsamic marinade was simple:

-equal parts Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar (I used about 1/4 cup each)

-3 or 4 cloves of chopped garlic or use a garlic press

-2 tablespoons of dijon mustard

-salt and pepper

combine all the ingredients and add the chicken, coat and let sit in the fridge for the day or overnight.  If your going to put them on skewers don’t forget to soak them or they will burn!

Finally the last thing I made that I wanted to highlight was Thai Curry burgers and a Thai salad.  A couple years ago I went to visit a good friend in Thailand and every since I have been hooked on Thai food and Thai flavours!

I got my recipes from the blog “Stuff I Make my Husband”.  When I try a new recipe, if I’m not really familiar with the ingredients (like with Thai cooking) I try to stick to the recipe as written.  The only thing I skipped in this recipe was the cilantro and the herb bed that the salad called for.  I don’t know about you, but to me, cilantro tastes like dirty feet smell.


This recipe was awesome! My BF who is normally a huge fan of my cooking was ‘really impressed’ with last-nights meal and happily ate leftovers for dinner tonight.

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2012 Ontario Open Results



This past weekend our team fielded 4 athletes at the Ontario Open, 3 of them brought home medals and all of them achieved their respective competition goals. Nancy Kozorezova won Gold in the 63kg women’s category and qualified for Senior Nationals with a perfect competition making all 6 our of 6 attempts. Her lifts at this competition increased her total by a whopping 9kg.

Nicole Duchesne won Silver in the 53kg category in her very first competition and made the qualifying standard for Junior National Championships.

Ian Haya won bronze in the 69kg category making all of his attempts and adding 13kg to his best total. This total easily qualifies Ian for Senior Nationals in a weight class heavier than he normally competes.

Nico Winter successfully achieved the Junior National qualifying standard.

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