There sure is a lot happening at JustLift these days!

Given Ottawa’s large transient population, we have a lot of members that have moved away, but never really leave. I guess that’s family for you! John stopped by for a visit this week with his 11 year old daughter, Audrey. They both managed to get some lifting in, and Audrey showed off her great form and some pretty impressive weights for her age. Super cute girl. John’s pretty cute too, now that he’s eating lots of meat!



The JustLift team will be taking part in Movember in support of Prostate cancer research. You can join our team and grow an epic Mo’ in honour of weightlifting greats with legendary Mo’s such as Pisarenko and Krastev, or just show your support for by making a donation to our team.

We’re still accepting orders for the JustLift hoodies, make sure you reserve yours today!

As far as competitions go, it looks like we’ll be sending some lifters to the Ontario Open at Variety Village in Toronto on November 3. Make sure you cheer the team on! has a great post on the seven shades of Paleo. Too often people think in terms of absolute. There are shades of grey when following a Paleo/Primal diet that are healthy, sane, and maintainable in the long run.