Eating paleo involves A LOT of cooking, but if you single it can also mean eating a lot of the same thing over and over again! Last week my boyfriend was gone all week and I found myself eating the same thing for about five meals!  Thankfully I’m one of those people that as long as it’s good I’m quite happy to eat the same thing for multiple meals. If you’re not though freezing can be your best friend!

The meal was sausages with sautéed red cabbage, onion and cranberry from the paleo cookbook, ‘Practical Paleo’.  I also roasted some mushrooms, but those were so delicious I polished them off in my first meal!  The sautéed red cabbage was super easy, pretty quick and I even found myself eating it for breakfast on Saturday morning when I was rushing to get to the gym.  Plus it’s such a pretty purple colour!


Since it is now decidedly fall I have been craving lots of squash, cabbage and warm dishes. I love all squash and decided that I would try my hand at the Practical Paleo Pumpkin pancakes.  I had a pumpkin already roasted which made the whole thing much easier.  They were SO delicious and super easy to make! I made them before I went to work and ate them at my desk as I got ready for my day (eating breakfast at work happens a lot!)


I sometimes find myself getting overwhelmed by the amount of cooking that it takes to maintain a paleo diet. The trick to paleo is twofold, 1) keep it simple, and 2) prepare, prepare, prepare!  Being quite an unorganized person I find this incredibly difficult to do, but when I do, it is extremely satisfying. Every paleo blog and cookbook will tell you the same thing: do a big cook up on Sunday. I would recommend the same thing, however I don’t always do that myself as I’m often gone on the weekends. My trick is cooking in the morning before work!

This morning was no exception to my morning cooking ritual. I happened to have thrown some ribs in the slow cooker before I went to bed and this morning I sautéed some vegetables while I was getting ready.  When I cook in the morning it makes me feel accomplished before I even get to work, I have my lunch ready to go and don’t have to resort to scavenging for paleo friendly foods (and spending unnecessary money) at the local restaurants in the neighbourhood where I work.