JustLift was recently contacted by Karen Chen (follow@ckaren15) of the Ottawa Citizen. She spoke with Coach/General Manager Greg Chin, and Athlete/Trainer Nancy Kozorezova to chat about their weightlifting experiences, and the buzz around the sport as a result of the Olympics in London.

From the article:

Niche sports get registration bumps thanks to Olympic medal halo

Weightlifting, judo, trampolining: These aren’t sports typically taught in gym class, but they’re the events that have put Canadians on the podium in London.

But in a burst of medal excitement, local judo dojos and weightlifting clubs started receiving calls from Ottawans inspired by Team Canada’s Olympic success within days after athletes picked up a bronze in women’s weightlifting and men’s judo.

Read more: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/sports/Niche+sports+registration+bumps+thanks+Olympic+medal+halo/7064186/story.html#ixzz23HBnSGhQ

This article was also featured in Saturday’s print edition of the Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa’s largest daily newspaper.

It’s great to get some press and interest in the sport of weightlifting. Our goal though, is to take weightlifting from a niche sport and into the mainstream. It’s something that can be done year round, not just a couple weeks every 4 years!