Canadian olympic weightlifter Annie Moniqui competed in the W58 class at the 2012 London Olympics earlier today. She managed to lift 85kg in the snatch, and 105kg in the clean & jerk, for a total of 190 and a 16th place finish. Annie is just 22 and competing in her first Olympics. Hopefully this was a great learning experience for her and we’ll see her again in Rio in 2016. She has a lot of potential, and lots of time to get keep improving. Annie was lifting in the same session as Great Britain’s Zoe Smith, who earlier in the week made rounds in the twitterverse after standing up to an internet bully. Smith went on to break the British clean & jerk record with a lift of 121kg. She totaled 211 and finished 12th overall.

Former Olympian (W75, Beijing 2008), Jeane Lassen tweeted this picture of Annie in the warm-up room with the team mascot. Some of you may recognize this guy.

Annie Moniqui, 58kg category lifter @cdnolympicteam hanging out with the team mascot@caaws #london2012 #wheresthesmurf…

— Jeane Lassen (@jeanelassen) July 30, 2012

Apparently this Smurf goes by the name Oumpf.

Li Xueying of China took the gold in the women’s 58 with a snatch of 108 (OR), clean & jerk of 138, for a total of 246 (OR). In the men’s 62 session, Kim Un Guk took gold with an incredible snatch of 153 (OR), clean & jerk of 174, for a world record total of 327.

Next up, Christine Girard in the W63 category tomorrow!