Unless you’ve been hiding out in a cave somewhere cut off from the rest of civilization, you’re probably getting pretty excited for the upcoming summer Olympics in London. I know we are. The best athletes (including Weightlifters!) from each nation are set to take on the world stage. Most athletes that get to this point have dedicated their entire lives to their sport. For a little over two weeks, the upsets and victories (and defeats) will capture the hearts of many. Many of the backstories will include the supporting team, and the triumphs over adversity.

Well folks, for those that have stuck with us so far, we’re getting over one of those little speed bumps ourselves. Due to difficulties that were out of our control, we weren’t able to move into our space as planned last week. We’re hoping that these issues are resolved soon and we all can get back to training hard in our new space, with some new gear, a new look, and some new programs. As of now, we’re hoping to have things ready sometime mid-late August, and get most of our programs up and running by September. It’s been a long journey to this point, much like this sappy Olympic commercial from P&G that pretty much had this 30 year old guy in tears the first time he saw it.

In the meantime, keep training hard, and enjoy the Olympics!

Oh yeah, thanks Mom (and Dad) for all your support over the years and especially this last little while.