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Great Day for Team Canada in London

Today was a great day for Team Canada at the Olympics in London. We managed to bring home 3 bronze medals to bring our total medal count so far to 4. The day started with the team of Meaghan Benefeito and Roseline Filion winning bronze in the women’s syncronized 10m platform. The next bronze came from judoka Antoine Valois-Fortier who defeated American Travis Stevens in the men’s 81kg Judo bronze medal match.

The highlifght of the day (at least for us weightlifters!) was when Christine Girard lifted her way to a bronze medal in the women’s 63kg weightlifting event. She was sitting in fourth after the snatches, with a lift of 103. Her clean & jerk of 133 was good enough to vault her up to a bronze and she just missed her attempt at 135 for a silver. This marks the first Olympic medal won by a Canadian in women’s weightlifting (first contested in the 2000 Sydney Olympics), and the first Olympic medal won by a Canadian in weightlfting since Jacques Demers won a silver in the 1984 Games in Los Angeles.

Even Oumpf got in on the action:

Hopefully Christine’s success can inspire a new generation of weightlifters in Canada. Our goal is to have Canadians win medals more than once every few decades! Christine, now 27, was involved in sports at a very early age and started olympic weightlifting at the age of 10. She was competing at the  provincial level by age 12. If you think you have a little Olympian in the making, make sure you check out our children’s program starting this fall as well as our junior weightlifting program!

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Christine Girard Wins Olympic Bronze Medal in 63kg Category



Congratulations Christine, we’re proud of you, Walter and all of your efforts to prove that you could do it!

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Hefty, Hefty, Hefty. Big Lifts in London

Canadian olympic weightlifter Annie Moniqui competed in the W58 class at the 2012 London Olympics earlier today. She managed to lift 85kg in the snatch, and 105kg in the clean & jerk, for a total of 190 and a 16th place finish. Annie is just 22 and competing in her first Olympics. Hopefully this was a great learning experience for her and we’ll see her again in Rio in 2016. She has a lot of potential, and lots of time to get keep improving. Annie was lifting in the same session as Great Britain’s Zoe Smith, who earlier in the week made rounds in the twitterverse after standing up to an internet bully. Smith went on to break the British clean & jerk record with a lift of 121kg. She totaled 211 and finished 12th overall.

Former Olympian (W75, Beijing 2008), Jeane Lassen tweeted this picture of Annie in the warm-up room with the team mascot. Some of you may recognize this guy.

Annie Moniqui, 58kg category lifter @cdnolympicteam hanging out with the team mascot@caaws #london2012 #wheresthesmurf…

— Jeane Lassen (@jeanelassen) July 30, 2012

Apparently this Smurf goes by the name Oumpf.

Li Xueying of China took the gold in the women’s 58 with a snatch of 108 (OR), clean & jerk of 138, for a total of 246 (OR). In the men’s 62 session, Kim Un Guk took gold with an incredible snatch of 153 (OR), clean & jerk of 174, for a world record total of 327.

Next up, Christine Girard in the W63 category tomorrow!

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Cheer on Team Canada’s Olympic Weightlifters

Canada has qualified three lifters for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Annie Moniqui (W58), Christine Girard (W63), and Marie-Eve Beauchemin-Nadeau (W69). Christine finished 4th in Beijing at the 2008 Olympics. She has been steadily improving since, recently winning Gold at the 2011 Pan-Am Games in Guadalajera, Mexico, setting Pan-Am records in the Snatch and Total. She has a legitimate shot at bringing home Canada a medal. It looks like her preparation for the games has been going well, as she hit a record 107 snatch just a month ago:

You can stream the lifters live or catch them later from the CTV Olympic website.

Make sure you catch these sessions:

Mon, Jul 30, 7:30am EDT, W58 Group B (Annie Moniqui)

Tue, Jul 31, 10:30am EDT, W63 Group A (Christine Girard)

Wed, Aug 1, 7:30am EDT, W69 Group B (Marie-Eve Beauchemin-Nadeau)

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Chasing the Olympic Dream

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a cave somewhere cut off from the rest of civilization, you’re probably getting pretty excited for the upcoming summer Olympics in London. I know we are. The best athletes (including Weightlifters!) from each nation are set to take on the world stage. Most athletes that get to this point have dedicated their entire lives to their sport. For a little over two weeks, the upsets and victories (and defeats) will capture the hearts of many. Many of the backstories will include the supporting team, and the triumphs over adversity.

Well folks, for those that have stuck with us so far, we’re getting over one of those little speed bumps ourselves. Due to difficulties that were out of our control, we weren’t able to move into our space as planned last week. We’re hoping that these issues are resolved soon and we all can get back to training hard in our new space, with some new gear, a new look, and some new programs. As of now, we’re hoping to have things ready sometime mid-late August, and get most of our programs up and running by September. It’s been a long journey to this point, much like this sappy Olympic commercial from P&G that pretty much had this 30 year old guy in tears the first time he saw it.

In the meantime, keep training hard, and enjoy the Olympics!

Oh yeah, thanks Mom (and Dad) for all your support over the years and especially this last little while.

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